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A Comprehensive List Of The Top 5 War Games Of All

Posted by on Jan 5, 2015 in News | 0 comments

call of dutyYou cannot talk about games and fail to talk about war games especially in America. You will agree with me that the American society loves war movies as much as they love war games. Is there anyone who even dislikes war games? Honestly, I do not think anyone hates war games. There are numerous war games which we could not even exhaust right now if we started to list them. However, there are those which stand out than others and for that they deserve to be included the list of the top 5 war games of all time. So just in case you are wondering What Are Top 5 War Games of All Time, follow the points highlighted below.

1. Call of Duty

You play this game between the first and third person point of view; Call of Duty is one war game which has managed to capture all the elements of a war. An earlier version of the game has the surrounding experience of World War 2. However, the latest version of CoD 4 contains scenes from the modern day. The game goes on to even add a version that is in a future perspective. The different versions of the game exhibiting different scenes from different periods of time earn this game’s right of being one of the best war games of all time. Even if we were to decide who gets into this list by the number of sales they have made, Call of Duty would still features in this list. The game has very many versions that you can play from time to time, and I have never got bored of any of those versions.

2. Rome Total War

Now for those who prefer the games that provide the ancient fighting scenes, this would probably your number one but I have decided to put it as my number two. The war scenes of this game are from the period of the rule of the Roman Reign and therefore you expect those ancient wars where soldiers used swords. As the game begins, you only get to play in the basic stages, and you can only proceed to the next more complex stages if you unlock them by playing the game well. The player has an army at disposal that can be of up to 2 thousand soldiers. That experience of commanding a full army makes the player feel like they are in that ancient period. The game offers its players with an experience of how the ancient wars were fought and won. Apart from army battles, the game still offers the player the opportunity to perform other activities like engaging in diplomatic talks, participating and officiating of gladiatorial games among other activities that are during ancient times.

3. Star Wars

This game came to be after the production of the Star Wars film became a success story. The game is played on a fictional platform where the participants of the game are not real humans. The game purports to be during the past. The main concept of the game is good versus evil, but it also exhibits other themes into it such as religion. The game is more like a series where each stage has its set of problems that the player must clear for them to pass on to the next. The game focuses on aliens and robots as they main participants. If you prefer playing fictional war games, this will be the perfect game for you.

4. Napoleon

Although this game is not that old in the gaming industry having released in 2010, it took the world of war games by storm. One of the most interesting features of the game is that its scenes are in three continents; Middle East in Asia, North Africa and Europe. I have not seen another game that has managed to pull off such great scenes in multiple continents like this one. It focuses on the past years mainly in the period between the 18th and 19th century. The player either gets to be Napoleon or his opponents depending on which role one admires most and depending on which on which role you want to play, you will have to engage in wars with the opponents. The game has two methods. The first method is by building strong armies and engaging in battles till one becomes the superior force in that region. The other method is by establishing a boundary within which you start up taxation procedures and other activities to help develop the area within the boundary. You can also make that area the most developed area and consequently the most powerful area too.

5. World of Tanks

There are those who like to play their games online with other players that are not necessarily with them in their rooms. World of Tanks is exactly such a game which guarantees its players an amazing playing time. The game focuses mostly on the players fighting with vehicles and not necessarily individually like in other games. Since the game has is during the 20th century, you will find all the fighting vehicles that are in the early 20th century through to mid the century. Instead of players playing with the system, the game is more fun since players get to play against themselves. The game also allows multiple players to play in the same game which is very enjoyable since you get to fight more than one player. Immediately you pick the vehicle you want to fight in, you spawn at a random place, and the game begins. You have total control of the vehicle you choose, and you can also communicate with the other players in the game.


I understand that there are countless war games out there, but these are the ones who made it to my top 5 list of the best war games of all time. Never again should you wonder what are the top 5 war games of all time. As you can clearly see I have tried to choose the best game in every type of war games since there are several subtypes of war games.